90-100A, 80-89B, 70-79C, 60-69D, 00-59E

a. Warm-ups, homework and the daily project average as 50% of your total grades.

Your warm ups are picked up each Friday and will consist of a question which you will make from the list ART FACTS sentences every day. Each question is worth twenty points. 5 points are for making sense (grammar & spelling), 5 for punctuation (question marks), 5 for legibility (write neatly) and 5 for writing the answer underneath the question. No yes/no true/false or fill in the blank questions are allowed. Please write on one side of the paper to assist my grading.

Your daily home work is worth a weekly 100 points and is picked up on Fridays with your warm ups. Each blind contour drawing is worth 20 points. You will draw five minutes(5pts) while looking at the subject only and not your paper(5pts). The drawing will consist of one line only, so you will never raise your pencil off the paper(5pts). You will slowly draw every outline of the shadows, colors, and the object itself(5pts). This will help you draw what you see instead of what you remember and give you practice focusing your attention.

You will receive 100points each day if you follow all daily objectives or steps, use the elements and/or principles of art to make the project attractive, bring supplies, and clean up. You get a 90, 80, 70, 60, or 0 according to how many objectives you have completed on the daily class assignment.

b. The tests, critique grades, final project grades and the art history project grades average together as 50% of the progress report and report card grades.

The tests are taken directly from the Art Facts sheet and will be given the week before each progress report and report card grades are due.

Critique grades are taken at the end of each unit or class project and are based on the student ability to describe the project using the elements and principles of art (THE ART FACTS).

Your art history project is to fill out your Art History Outline. You receive 25 points for legibility, 25 points for grammar, 25 points for listed, highlighted & Xeroxed resources and 25 points for presentation.

500 points are given for art work to be set aside for various art shows. (Please come get them at the end of the year.)

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