The Art Vocabulary Poem
Copyright © 1994. All rights reserved.
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Elements: Artist's Tools

Space, space, the room on your page.
Two dimension paper, three dimension stage.
Positive space is what I've got.
Negative space is what I have not.

Line, line, its all in your mind.
Vertical, horizontal, thick or fine.
Angular, curved or perfectly straight.
I can use a line to draw a shape.

Form or shape, the outlines we make.
Natural or geometric shapes things take.
Two-dimension square, three-dimension cube.
The shape of me and the shape of you.

Texture, texture, tactile texture.
See or touching surfaces. That is texture.
Smooth or rough or shiny or dull,
tactile and or visual.

Value, value, dark to light.
Shade with black and tint with white.
Value throws the line away.
Tone with a complement brown or gray.

Color, color, the name is hue.
Roy G. Biv is the color wheel dude.
Primary, secondary, dull or bright.
I see color with the help of light.

Composition,composition,one through four.
Pick your tools and sketch the core.
Find where everything will go.
Then your shapes and details grow.

Principles: Guidelines For Using The Elements

Unity, unity, work together unity.
We like art when the parts have unity.
Repetition catches eyes.
Proportion helps with height and size.

Variety, variety, randomize.
Change the assortment shape and size.
Throw us off the beaten path.
Contrast with opposites like love and wrath.

Balance, balance comfortable balance.
Symmetrical is even balance.
Radial is like a wheel.
Slants are Asymmetrical.

Emphasis, emphasis, center of interest.
Dominant elements catch our interest.
Funny or bright or visual tricks,
Center, down, right for a backward six.

Repetition, repetition, moving pattern.
I show rhythm by using pattern.
Measured or staccato, move the eye
Across repeated elements hypnotized.

Contrast, contrast, make us think.
Opposite line, shape, colored ink.
Contrast variety, wake us up.
Funny and serious, bucket and cup.

Harmony, harmony, color or not.
Pleasing arrangement of the lot.
Color wheel tetrads, triads, pairs.
Unity which the elements share.